I Have a Book Deal!!!

I’m so thrilled to announce that I have a book deal with Blink (HarperCollins). My book, A TOUCH OF GOLD, is set to publish in Summer 2018.

Book Deal Announcement
Annie Sullivan’s Publishers Marketplace Deal Announcement for A TOUCH OF GOLD

So what do you do when all your dreams come true? Well, if you were me and got asked that question by your sister, you’d answer with, “Go take a nap.” So maybe that’s not the most exciting reply, but it might be the most honest one because it turns out making your dreams come true takes a whole lot of work.

Most people out there seem to think that you simply write a book and then **poof** you get a book deal. But there’s so much more too it than that. It takes an army of people.

Not only do you need teachers and instructors and mentors and peers to teach you how to write and help you become better, but you need an understanding family who lets you have time to write. You need critique partners and Twitter followers. You need agents and editors. The list goes on and on.

Not to mention this process can take years. I started writing A TOUCH OF GOLD way back in 2012. That’s right. 5 years. Did it take me 5 years to write? No. But it took that long for me to write it, revise it multiple times, let it sit a while, revise it again, have friends and critique partners read it, revise it again, get an agent, revise it after my agent read it, go out on submission, and finally get a deal. Not to mention I wrote several other books in the midst of all that going on.

But it was all worth it to write this blog post because this is the blog post I’ve been dreaming of writing for years, the one that proves all that hard work was worth it. The one that proves that not only do dreams come true, but so do fairytales. And mine is just starting!

Look for A TOUCH OF GOLD coming Summer 2018.


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20 thoughts on “I Have a Book Deal!!!

  1. Annie this is SO EXCITING! I’m over the moon happy for you! YAYAYAYAYAY!!! Can’t wait to read it.


    Michele Thomas
    Wiley Publishing
    Key Accounts Manager
    Office 317.582.3134
    Mobile 765.891.1822

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  2. I just saw this … I am so happy for you! Tell me when it’s released, and I will buy a copy/copies. I see a title change, and I love it, A Touch of Gold.


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  3. Annie, I am so thrilled for you.  It is so exciting!!!!!! Very proud of you. Can’t wait to read it. and have a signed copy!  God is indeed good! Blessings,Kathy

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  4. Oh my gosh!! Congratulations! That is so fantastic. I am truly happy for you. What an amazing feeling it must be to have it finally all come together after all your hard work, sweat, and tears!! ❤️❤️❤️ Amy

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